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 - time to thrive - 

Autumn 2024


You heard the call, you already know that you are meant for something big...


And yet, for some reason you still feel stuck in the invisible wall of immobility around you.


You have been ready to jump for a while and yet, you are not exactly sure how or where to.


What you do know is that you are not fitting into your box anymore. The tiny cell that was given to you to please everyone around you.


But in the end, everyone is pleased except for you.


Enough of making everyone happy but you!


You came here to play a big role!


All you need to unfold is the right environment, nourishment and support by others. Yes, we are a group species - our relationships can be our rise or our downfall. Let's choose to raise together, shall we?


Are you done with holding back?


Are you tired of playing small?


Are you rather gonna risk everything than getting by living a mediocre life?


Are you done with going through this alone?

Then here is the thing you might have waited for:


InflorEssence - time to thrive!


A unique in-person retreat where you will learn how it feels like to :

-  discover your deepest pain and your highest joy - the main pillars of your purpose.

- experience real support through a group of like-minded amazing people

-  receive nourishment on an emotional, mental and physical level

 - be deeply seen & recognized in what makes you special & valuable

-  embody your own essence with confidence

 - be contained in a safe space where all of you is welcome

- resolve your biggest stuck points and move foward with ALL of you on board

-  step into a new level of WELL-being


4 1/2 DAYS







We will use a unique combination of parts work, channeling, coaching, arts, connection work and shadow work to bring you the transformative experience you have been waiting for!


Ready to step into your most powerful self yet?

Artwork  by Danielle Noel

tesi 1_edited.jpg

   Sounds good ?  Join us, we'd love to   see there.



WHERE? The location is 1h 30 min north of Berlin.  It's a beautiful farm house, close to nature, lake in walking distance & an outdoor sauna. The property and the surrounding places offer a lot of space for processing and down time.

WHEN?  Autumn 2024

ACCOMMODATION: 1 bed in a 6-bed room/ 3 vegan healthy meals per day

SETTING:  It is going to be a small intimite 10-12 participant group.


early bird ( date to be announced ) single bed 1222 €

early bird ( date to be announced ) shared double bed  1111€

regular single bed/= 1555 €

regular shared double bed 1444€

Payment plans are available.

The retreat is faciltated by Stefanie Woitun & Teresa Ragg.

Stefanie is a clairgognizant and clairsentient coach for emotional integration and an artist based in Berlin, working with modalities like the completion process (certified by Teal Swan), parts work, channeling , somatic work and arts to support people from all over the world in fully embodying their essence in the world and living a life worth living


Get to know her -> Emotional Healing | Stefanie Woitun 

We‘d so love to have you with us, this retreat is coming straight from our hearts to yours to provide with the love, support & empowerment you‘ve been longing for.

Stefanie & Teresa


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