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The silent way of love

I see you and you see me and somehow that is good no running away or blending in to simply be understood

you see my pain and I see yours and somehow it‘s enough nothing else we need to do it‘s the silent way of love

all we do is sit right here see into what is behind our eyes layer by layer we uncover a world, so tender, that had remained in disguise

you let me in, and so do I, tears streaming down a silent cry.

And I stay here, and you do too, we both know the only way out is through.

4 years ago, November, 2018 I went to my first Teal Swan Workshop which ended up being a huge turning point in my life.

During the workshop I got to experience something that is called the „Connection Process“ which is the process of someone deeply seeing into you, exploring your inner landscapes, oberserving what is going on behind the outer layers of your personality.

I can‘t quite remember what my partner ( a total stranger ) said exactly but what I do know is that I uncontrollably had tears flowing out my eyes without me actually crying– it was a release I have never experienced before.

Everything that I felt and thought she somehow knew about and spoke those things out loud which kept me in awe.

She knew that I was really scared, she noticed when my fear turned into grief and when my sadness turned into peace.

There was no judgement.

Only compassion.

I felt so deeply seen in that moment that my body couldn‘t keep in anymore.

It was such a relief to see that others can feel me… a reality that was so foreign to me.

I always thought that the only way of knowing how someone is feeling is asking them but ever since that moment I knew that we can be much more connecetd if we chose to.

I never experienced this level of intimacy before where someone knows exactly what is going on inside of me without me communicating it – that was first time I touched base with the beautiful gift & skill of ATTUNEMENT.

Connection is a choice.

And attunement is surest way to create true connection.

Learning and mastering the skill of attument is required when we truly want to truly see into someone and fully understand how it feels to be them.

It's been the most mindblowing experience for me in my life to have learnt that others can tap into my inner world, what lingesr in my subconscious mind & what I'm feeling deep down.

It's the most healing thing we can offer each other - and it`s also the very foundation for my work with my clients.

My biggest intention for my sessions is to make my clients feel fully seen & understood because only then we can actually understand what is really causing you to feel so stuck. I'm so in love with tapping into and channeling the parts of a person that have never been seen, heard and validated before. By doing this we make the subconscious conscious and allow you to move forward with all parts on board, resolved resistance and have you unblocked to create what you truly want.

- It's the path of integration and I'm all here for it.

You deserve to be finally understood. You deserve to experience true attunement. You deserve to feel safe and have someone be connected to how it feels to be you.

Much love, Teresa

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