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I know this healing journey can often feel incredibly overwhelming and challenging. To many of us it can take up a lot of space and time and often feels like life is this serious thing we have to conquer. Digging up the dirt , diving into our deepest pains is essential if we want to want to create a life from a state of deep inner alignment BUT in order to find the strenght to do so, to really have the capacity to contain this heavyness we need to make space for the light side as well.

Play and fun give us strenght for times when we are confronted with hardship. Often we forget to nurture this side of ourselves, prioritizing the serious matters of our existence. It can feel counter intuitive to play or be „silly“ in times when we feel overwhelmed by responsabilties, worry and like having to figure it all out. But introducing play and doing things that bring us joy can lighten the load and often put us into a differrent vibration from which everything we deal with can feel so much lighter.

I recently went to an impro theater evening with my friends and I had one of the best nights in a long time. We made up these spontanous scenarious and characters and just played along with what came up, it was so fun to embody weird or funny characters, to drop my own personality and just express whatever was coming up. I felt so joyful, I could fully make space for my silly self and made others laugh and they made me laugh and it was an absolute blast. I went home afterwards feeling so filled up and was still giggiling days after, remembering all these funny moments my friends and I had created.

I realized how little I make space for just joy and play in my own life considering that those moments spend in play and joy are what acutually makes my life worth living. It is was truly excites me, it is what makes me feel most alive and connected to my inner child.

We all have parts in us that long for more ease and just fun but we often struggle to really meet that need. Incorporating play is something that many adults have completely negletced, as if play is only for children and when you grow up life gets serious and that‘s kind of it. But play never has to end and there are endless ways we can bring that part of us back to life. What is your relationship to play and fun? What things in your life bring you massive amounts of joy ? Does your inner child feel like it gets enough playtime and joyful experiences?

It‘s okay if thinking about this brings up sadness, powerlessness and loneliness in you and it‘s important to grief everything that has caused you disconnect and neglect from this part. Many people have been burdend by the amount of trauma and emotional and physical unsafety since being little and didn‘t have the chance to just be silly and play, follow their joy and express them selves creativly. It‘s so sad to see that what you‘re grieving might be the fact that you weren‘t allowed to „just be a child“. When we really connect to the pain of this disconnect coming from years, if not life times spent in survival mode it gets easiser to see how much our inner child deserves this sense of lightness and opportunities to just endulge into the funside of this life. What is your inner child longing for these days? What would nurture your playful side? What would bring you a sense of joy ? It can feel so empowering to be the one who is creating these play opportunities for your inner child and others, we all have this need. Being the one who is tapping into their joy can be so healing and encouraging for others to embrace that side as well. I personally feel so dedicated to give that part of me more space, for example I really want to commit to more impro theater, join more dance events, paint without expectations, allow myself to be silly with other people, let out my quirky side, make more jokes, watch more movies, organize game nights and days in the park to play, climb trees, go to playgrounds, just follow my inner childs joy. You didn‘t come here just to suffer, you deserve to feel safe and secure enough to follow your joy and I‘m sending you a big hug, wherever you are on your journey.

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